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Romans 12:2
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Better Than Zero!

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Don’t you love the day AFTER you start a diet? It’s my absolute favorite! A zillion times more exciting than the anticipation leading up to the start because now you're finally underway and feeling sassy. You’ve put your best foot forward and are already out of the gate. Even though the scale doesn’t yet reflect your enthusiastic anticipation, mentally, you’ve already made headway. You're determined and optimistic…and there hasn't, yet, been time enough to fail.

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But then what happens? If you drop weight and make physical progress, the feel good attitude continues. However, if your efforts are remotely unrewarded, you can easily become derailed, often resulting in a setback or complete surrender. Both can happen VERY quickly and both are destructive.

What if you measured your success in terms of what you HAVE accomplished, rather than what you have not? What if your 3 lb per week weight loss goal is, in actuality, only 1? Each pound is better than zero.

How about the cleaning chore you’ve been dreading? Window blinds – YUCK! You wanted to get all eight cleaned on your Saturday off but as distractions would have it, you only managed to get five of them done. Every blind done is better than zero.

Are you an entrepreneur peddling your product? Your business plan calls for you to meet a 200 item per month sales quota, but you end the month at about 75% of goal. Each item sold is better than zero.

Perhaps you are a casual runner but aspire to compete in a 5K. Chances are, as you begin to train, you won’t be able to manage the 3+ miles in one shot, so you start a little at a time. Each step taken is better than zero.

Now, contrary to what it might sound like, I am NOT an advocate for mediocrity, nor am I suggesting to just 'settle'.  What I do believe, though, is attitude is everything. You’ve got to declutter your ‘Stinkin Thinkin’ and celebrate progress along the way or you will sabotage any chance for success.

Life is a journey...

What happens when you commit to appreciating each milestone? Everything!

  • Progress Continues – Emotionally, you'll position yourself to build on what you’ve accomplished. This will motivate you to keep going and continually move closer toward your goal.
  • Joy Increases – It’s impossible to experience joy if you are focusing on shortfalls.  Concentrating on success will breed an attitude of gratitude, increasing optimism and joyfulness.
  • You Bless Others – Your positive spirit will be infectious, and without knowing it, you’ll encourage and inspire others to walk more boldly and confidently through a rough spot. Actions speak so much louder…
  • You Walk in God’s Will – “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1Thessalonians 5:18

‘Better Than Zero’ may not instantly produce the optimal end result but you’ll have a far better chance of hitting your mark if you declutter all negative mental roadblocks along the way. Don’t waste time and energy on the ‘did nots’ and ‘could nots’. In the grand scheme of things, what benefit do they serve? ABSOLUTELY NONE!

Set your standards high, work hard and smart to get reach them, but should you fall short, thank God you did ‘Better Than Zero’ and press on, for, “persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.” (Edward Eggleston)

Do you feel ‘stuck’? Need help transitioning to a ‘Better Than Zero’ mindset? We can help! Contact us at lifecoaching@actionplanministries.com. Also, sign up for our blog to receive weekly encouragement!

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