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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

20 Best Decluttering Hacks Ever!

Decluttering doesn’t have to be complicated. Elaborate. Extensive. Rocket Science.


It just has to work.


I’ve put together some of my all-time favorite Decluttering Hacks and today, in one place, I present them to you. Some I’ve created, and some I’ve found while on my decluttering journey, but all are simple, helpful ways to declutter your life.


Why Declutter? Quite simply, if we get rid of all the negative, wasteful, unhealthy, joy-stealing, energy-sucking, money-draining clutter in our lives, we’ll have so much more time, energy, space, money, peace, and joy for the things that matter. And it’s not just about physical stuff, but a comprehensive life approach!


So, let’s get going!


tape 21. Use a bread bag plastic tab to keep the end of the tape roll from sticking. Declutter time, frustration, and swearing. (Okay, just kidding on the swearing part…) This is one of my favorite all-time decluttering hacks!





2. Instead of writing your shopping list envelopeon a loose piece of paper, use an envelope. This way you can write your list on the front and tuck your coupons inside. Oh, and don’t forget to use those coupons! Declutter inefficiency and overspending.  






3. Use a hair claw to ‘tie up’ a long electrical cord. Declutter messiness.   






4. Does your bread go moldy before you can eat it all? bread Freeze half of a loaf at a time. My husband thought the bread didn’t taste as good ‘post-frozen’ until we did a blind taste test. He couldn’t tell the difference. Declutter overspending and waste.






5. ‘Set the Cut’ – When decluttering physical items, choose a time frame that’s comfortable for you, such as six months or a year, and if you’ve not used an item within the pre-determined limit, lose it! This will serve as an extremely useful guide when (notice I said ‘when’ and not ‘if’!) you are feeling indecisive. Declutter procrastination and inaction.



6. Pay for off-site computer back up. It’s worth it. Every dime. Trust me! There are very reasonable deals, so find a reputable company and make the nominal investment. Declutter stress, risk, and inefficiency.




washing machine

7. When machine washing delicates, forget expensive laundry garment bags. Throw your delicates in a pillow case and either tie the top or secure it with a rubber band. Declutter overspending.





8. Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Go to bed too late? pillowJournal before bedtime, transferring thoughts from your head to paper, put on soft, soothing music, and crank the air up just a degree or two cooler than you are accustomed to. Also, back up your bedtime by just five minutes each night, instead of trying to go to bed hours earlier than usual. The right combination of intentional choices can change things around fairly quickly! Declutter restlessness, sleepless nights, and fatigue-filled days.      



9. Utilize your local library. Aside from books, they also have videos and DVDs to borrow, resources, computers for use, programs and games for the kiddos, etc. If you haven’t visited a library lately, chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Declutter spending and storage needs.



10. Saying ‘NO’ is not un-Christian. Learn when to do it and be able to pull the trigger! The first time will be difficult, but I promise it’ll get easier when you feel the incredible benefits. Declutter regret, obligation, guilt, time, and energy.



garbage can11. Put extra garbage bags on the bottom of the container, under the existing garbage bag in use. This way when you change bags, the next one is always ready for you. Voila! Declutter time.






12. If you don’t listen to Christian radio, change the station radioand give Christian radio a try for at least thirty days. Until you experience the difference, you won’t understand how it feels to be consistently permeated with positive, uplifting, encouraging music and commentary. Declutter negativity and wasted opportunities to infuse more of God into your daily life.




Wrapping paper13. Use toilet paper rolls, slit down the tube lengthwise, and wrap them around wrapping paper tubes for effective storage. Oh, does this work like a charm! Declutter disarray.   





14. When unloading the dishwasher, load the countertops! dishwasherSounds crazy, huh? As you unload, place all items on the counter by the cupboard or drawer where they will go. When the dishwasher is completely empty and all items are in piles, THEN put them away. This will not only eliminate bending over repeatedly, but opening / closing doors and drawers a zillion times. You won’t believe what a huge difference this simple method will make. Declutter wasted time and energy.




scarves15. Use a hanger and shower curtain rings to organize scarves. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! Declutter disorder.







16. Contain the ‘loose’ stuff. nutsThere are organizers for every use and need. Address your problem areas and declutter the mess. In the garage, sort and store screws, bolts, nuts, etc. In the bathroom, organize make-up, hair accessories, and toiletries. In your closet, use tie hangers to display ties and shoe cubbies to arrange shoes. Declutter inefficiency and messiness.




cereal box17. Use the bottoms of cereal and snack boxes for drawer organizers. Use them ‘as-is’ for a quick fix or cover with contact paper for a fun look. Declutter disorder.







18. Keep all your cleaning suppliescleaning bucket in a bucket as a handy way to take all you need from room to room. Declutter inefficiency.






door organizer

19. Use an ‘over-the-door’ clear plastic shoe holder to organize miscellaneous items. The pockets can hold everything from kids’ toys to bathroom lotions and hair products. How about kitchen spices, oils, or snacks? The possibilities are endless! Declutter disarray.




20. Track your spending for one week straight. Write down every single penny you spend on anything outside of monthly bills and expenses, and then evaluate the results. You might be very surprised what you discover. Declutter ignorance and wasteful spending.



Which decluttering hack is your favorite? Do tell us! And be sure to share the love with your family and friends! Help them Declutter Now! too!



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3 Responses to 20 Best Decluttering Hacks Ever!

  1. Joanie Bruce says:

    I love this post, Sherry! Sooo helpful! Thanks!

  2. Lindon says:

    The ‘over’ the Top 20 for a clutter free living space…

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