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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

A Call to the Men!

(Ladies, please share this with the men in your lives. Print it for them…email it to them…whatever it takes! Encourage them to step up, take a leap of faith and perhaps wander outside their comfort zone!)

MICAH – Men of Integrity, Character, Altruism and Heart

MICAH Concept

Calling all Warriors!

The mission of MICAH is to equip men with specific and meaningful God inspired purpose by providing leadership, coaching, training and spiritual guidance. We desire to raise up a new generation of men to be the sons, husbands, fathers, community participants and spiritual leaders that God desires them to be.

Troubled manSociety today is falling very short! MICAH seeks to reach the struggling, confused, troubled and hopeless….as well as the lukewarm and ‘Sunday’ Christians…from every age group, background and socioeconomic status. What about successful men who need help communicating with their wives, making time for their kids or searching for a job? We want to help them too! We intend to make a difference, not just for the men, but for their families and their entire sphere of influence.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Calling all husbands and dads! We need mentors – young and old, community outreach liaisons, counselors, coaches, curriculum and grant writers, non-profit experts, etc. Please don’t think you don’t have the background or experience needed. There’s a place for EVERYONE!proverbs27-17

The development of our MICAH VISION began in 2011 when a few men met and formed a strategic leadership team. Since then, we’ve evaluated the path forward and prayed on what God is calling us to do as an organization. We now have the basic framework for our direction in place. The next step is to implement a plan that encompasses ALL areas of our mission. Together we will define, design, refine and build this plan.

We’re going after the heart of men by constructing a plan BY REAL MEN FOR REAL MEN – but we’re in need of YOUR experiences, talents, gifts and skill sets.


Please consider contacting us to find out where you fit in this important ministry. Don’t pass on the opportunity to be on the ground floor! 

We already have our first project being planned for a group of men who desperately need mentoring. Date and time to be announced, and planning help still needed, so please contact Lindon below. We’d love you to join us!

CLICK the M.I.C.A.H. tab on our website to check out our intro video.

Please contact Lindon Gareis by commenting below or emailing micahint@actionplanministries.com

Thank you!

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