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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Action Plan Template


1. Pray. Lay your burdens before God. Ask Him for assistance in working through the situation / problem you’re dealing with and for His truth to be revealed.

2. Identify the specific dilemma. Get rid of the unnecessary fluff and zero in on what the actual problem is.

3. Research what God says on the matter. Dive into His Word and seek trusted Christian friends and resources. Understand God’s position.

4. Determine what about the situation / problem IS within your control.

5. Determine what about the situation / problem IS NOT within your control.

6. What is your desired end result? Bottom line, what do you wish to accomplish?

7. Bearing in mind what’s within your control, what steps can you take, while walking in God’s Will and Word, to attain the desired end result?

8. Can you live with the steps it’s clear you should take?

If the answer to #8 is no:

a. Pray. Ask God for encouragement and direction.

b. Seek wise counsel to gain additional insight or the support you need to move forward.


If the answer to #8 is yes:

a. Pray. Ask God for the right words and constructive actions. Pray for divine intervention and His presence with you every step of the way.

b. Write down a game plan. Include specific steps you will need to take, along with a projected timeline.

              c. GET STARTED.

d. Set up checkpoints along the way to track and monitor progress.

e. Pray. Thank God for the ability He gave you to work through this
challenge and for His never ending faithfulness in your life.



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