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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Action Team Guide


“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17


What is an Action Team?


An Action Team is comprised of two team members who each desire to hold the other team member accountable, speak godly truth into their life, provide encouragement, and support their Christian walk through prayer and conversation. This guide will help you get started in developing and enjoying a Godly, mutually beneficial relationship with a brother or sister in Christ.


Before choosing a team member, seek God’s will through prayer and ask him to guide and direct your choice. It’s important to choose a Christian team member who you know to be reliable and honest.


Perfection is not required! Just a true desire to make a solid effort.


We recommend each potential team member read this guide over before making a commitment so both are on the same page before making a decision.


Action Teams:


  • Are made up of 2 members of the SAME GENDER
  • Meet weekly or every other week
  • Meet in person, via Skype, or over the phone


 Action Team Members:


  • Make a commitment to the team for a minimum of 6 months, maximum of a year.
  • After the initial time commitment is over, a mutual decision is made whether or not to continue with the team.
  • If continuing, a new time period can be established.
  • Agree to hold the other team member accountable, speak godly truth into their life, provide encouragement, and support their Christian walk through prayer and conversation.
  • Agree to meet as planned and provide courteous, consistent communication if meeting can’t be kept.



Action Team Meeting Guide:


  • Open in prayer – alternate leading prayer for each meeting
  • Each member should bring a verse to share and discuss why it was chosen
  • Each member will share a ‘high’ and a ‘low’ for the week
  • Does either member have a challenge to discuss?
  • What is each member’s focus or plan for the next week or two? What does life look like?
  • Encourage each other with constructive feedback, advice, and support
  • Prayer requests?
  • Close in prayer – again, alternating for each meeting


Please note…


The above guide is simply that, a guide to help you get started in developing a meaningful and beneficial Action Team. We encourage you to tailor your meetings to your unique team. If you feel led to pray during the meeting, please do so! If the Holy Spirit is nudging you to check on your team member in between meetings, pick up the phone or send a text.


The most successful Action Teams won’t take shortcuts. Meet consistently, share honestly, speak constructively, and give as much as you receive.


We encourage each team member to keep an Action Team Notebook handy during meetings. Write down verses, information to help you follow up with your team member, and prayer requests. During the week, jot down any notes you want to share at the next meeting.


Feel empowered to take ownership and develop a loving and beneficial relationship with your action team member!


As always, we encourage you to share your experiences with us! Please email us at declutternow@actionplanministries.com


Good luck & God bless!


Click here to download the Action Team Guide.