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Romans 12:2
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Are You Christian Enough for Easter?

Easter is fast approaching and Christians everywhere are celebrating Holy Week. They are reflecting on the last week of Jesus’ life and rejoicing in the resurrection of their Savior. It’s a special time of prayer and thanksgiving, and a reminder to value the enormous sacrifice made on their behalf.


Contrary to the colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, and treat filled baskets in the stores, social media takes on a decidedly more spiritual tone. There are more scripture verses shared, reminders of blessings, and touching pictures of hills and crosses and of course, Jesus’ tomb.


And church can get even more ‘churchy’, using Easter as a springboard for deeper teaching and a bolder evangelistic approach. 


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I love the displays. I embrace this presence. I breathe it all in by osmosis, allowing the images and Word of God to permeate my heart and soul. It’s renewing and refreshing. And sometimes, just sometimes, it’s even a bit overwhelming.


For those raised in Christ, this may seem like a foreign idea, but for some, reading the sentiments expressed by eloquent authors, listening to powerful messages from pastors, or even sitting alongside devout Believers in church can actually be a bit intimidating.

  • “Clearly they are more spiritual than I am.”
  • “I could never come up with such a beautiful prayer.”
  • “They know the Bible so much better than I do.”
  • “I bet their relationship with God is far deeper and more meaningful than mine.”
  • “I believe in God but I don’t understand everything they are saying.”


It’s a really good thing it isn’t a competition, isn’t it?


Christianity is NOT a Competition

If you remember one thing from today’s post, please remember this – Christianity is not a competition. You don’t have to know Jesus ‘the best’ to participate and there is no ‘front of the line’. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lifelong Christian or a newbie in Christ. Jesus doesn’t grade His love for you based on your scripture memorization or knowledge of Bible stories. When it comes to a Daddy loving his child, those who have proclaimed Jesus as their Lord and Savior are all loved equally.


Christianity is not a competition


I wasn’t raised in a Christian home and I didn’t attend church regularly until I was in my twenties. Were there daunting and discouraging moments? Absolutely. There were times I longed to be someone I wasn’t and wished upon a star my childhood had been different. But that wasn’t what God had in store for me, and since I’m not in the habit of correcting Him, I got in the habit of trusting Him.


[Tweet “Since I’m not in the habit of correcting God, I got in the habit of trusting Him.”]


I’m exactly where God wants me to be and He loves me for exactly who I am.


Does He want me to continue to learn and grow? Bathe in His Word more regularly? Come to Him in prayer more fervently? I’m sure He wouldn’t mind any of this one bit! But this doesn’t affect His love for me or my salvation. And it shouldn’t affect my confidence. I am a child of the Most High and I have every right to feel secure in that gift and enjoy the benefits of membership.


And the same goes for you.


Are You Christian Enough For Easter?

When I shared the title of this post with my husband he looked really bewildered. I felt like I had to defend my position. “Baby you don’t understand. You grew up in church.” With a twinkle in his eyes, he shot back, “What, you mean because I’m all superior?” Of course, he was joking, but he instantly understood and made my point.

Church was never meant to be a group of people, exclusive to themselves, intimidating, uncomfortable, or otherwise. The church is the body of Christ and ALL are welcome. Always.

Are you a once-a-year at Easter church attender? If so, please still go. Sure, I’d love to see you step up your attendance, but don’t ever hesitate or question going, even if it’s just one time a year. Don’t allow feelings of self-doubt, insecurity, or even hurt to keep you from participating in the relationship you crave with your Heavenly Father, whether it’s on Easter or any other time of the year.


And consider inviting someone.


As Christians, we’re all on the same team. Declutter feelings of uncertainty and rest assured that you are every bit as special and loved as your brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of spiritual maturity, knowledge, accomplishments, or any other measure you fear. Instead, delight in the gifts God has blessed you with, the promise of eternal life, and the ‘sky’s the limit’ opportunity you have to commune with God to your heart’s content.   


Remember, Christianity is not a competition. It’s a wonderful gift to embrace to the fullest and share with those around you. Happy Easter and many blessings to you and yours during this special time of year.



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