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Romans 12:2
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Are You Hiding the Crazy?

Are you exhausted trying to keep up a façade that keeps you safely tucked behind your seemingly calm and composed exterior? On one hand, keeping this up is quite a bit of work, but on the other, it feels secure…comfortable, familiar and safe.

Might I suggest this is not the best route to take.

Sometimes we work so hard to cover up our shortcomings and mask our fears that we totally miss the very essence of experiencing genuine joy. We white knuckle it, grit our teeth and forge through, all the while completely ignoring that what we are doing is unhealthy…and that we are truly unhappy. Not only are we miserable, but we often make those around us miserable as well.

What does CRAZY look like? It can take the form of a fake smile and insincere greeting. It may appear through excuses to rationalize negative behaviors or defend poor attitudes.  Insecurities seep out and anxiety abounds. Tension grips and fears ignite. You may appear calm, cool and collected, but there’s a whole lot of CRAZY going on inside.

To allow this to continue is sheer craziness. CRAZY – as in unwise, foolish and senseless; sometimes even irrational.

Are you misguided by obligation, consumed with denial or touting a false sense of humility? Your actions might be born from a feeling of responsibility, which you justify as honorable, but it’s honestly far from it. Perhaps you have hurts left unaddressed and bitterness raging within which prompt negative attitudes and behaviors. Have you begun to dislike the person you are? Are you confused, tired of the drama and beginning to doubt yourself? Are your heels dug in so hard that your soles are completely worn out?

It would be CRAZY to allow this destruction to continue! But so many people do…leaving it unchecked and running rampant.

Yes, personal journeys can be challenging and managing relationships no less difficult, but if you’re alive and kicking – and going through the motions anyway – doesn’t it just make sense to roll up your sleeves, figure it out and improve the joy in your life? Dealing with issues head on takes motivation and courage, but consider the gloomy outlook if things continue as is.

“Change occurs when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.”  (Alcoholics Anonymous)

 Are you in pain? Are you ready for change? Seek out whatever help you need or measures required to quiet the CRAZY. If the problems are minor in nature, it might just take some rearranging of priorities, decluttering, a few self-help books, talking with a friend or sound advice from your pastor. If the issues are more far reaching, please consider professional help immediately. The only thing worse than actually living ‘the CRAZY’ is knowing something is wrong but allowing it to continue anyway.

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