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Romans 12:2
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Because You Know I’m All About That Wrap

By now, most of you have heard the catchy Top 40 hit All About That Bass – whether you’d like to admit it or not. Then for Thanksgiving, the creative Holderness Family produced the viral video hit All About That Baste. Even with Thanksgiving cooked and done for another year, check out the video below for a great laugh!


Now, however, on to the real reason for this post – CHRISTMAS and my gift wrapping obsession.


Oh how I loooove wrapping paper. And bows. And ribbon. Actually, this addiction includes name tags, tissue paper, gift bags, etc. Anything that goes along with creating a beautiful, finished, wrapped gift. Some people are obsessed with shoes and purses. Others with tools or sports paraphernalia. But for me, it’s DEFINITELY All About That Wrap!



Big ViewThere’s nothing more exciting and satisfying than wrapping a gift with the prettiest (or ‘handsome-est’) paper, perfectly matched frills and trims and accessorizing with a coordinating tag. I LOVE presentation, and when I have time to do it right, it’s better than any therapy I’ve ever known! And it’s not necessarily about ‘fancy’, but more about creating the perfect look, uniquely suited for the person you have in mind. When the stores set up their Christmas wrap aisles, I can hardly contain myself. Sometimes I force myself not to even look for fear that if I get started, there might not be any stopping me.


I dream of designing my own line of wrap and trims. Fancy wrapSometimes I’ll find the perfect paper and bow, but no tag to match! Tragic. Other times the selection of bags is so lame, so run of the mill, it’s disgraceful. And try to find a decent selection in a color that isn’t red, green, silver, or gold and you might as well forget it. I’ve even had to go to the ‘regular’ gift wrap aisle (pathetic!) to expand my options. I envision a collection with a never ending color assortment and a variety of accessories to coordinate your wrapping project from start to finish. Choices which would never bore even the most discriminating ‘wrappers’. Options, options, options! Maybe not practical… Maybe not cost effective… But maybe one of these days…


WHY? Why do I care and why does it mean so much?


As I spent time contemplating my longtime passion, it occurred to me that ‘the wrap’ is about much more than just a pretty gift. Here are a few thoughts which came to mind:

  •  Excitement – We all know how important first impressions are. When someone sees a beautiful work of art, complete with eye catching colors, shiny ribbons, and festive adornments, there’s no doubt the level of anticipation and excitement grows. “Wow, if it looks that good on the outside, must be something VERY special on inside!” Who doesn’t love a little excitement?  
  • Care – The time and effort you infuse is often a direct reflection of your care, or lack thereof. If you present something sloppy and haphazardly put together, what message do you send? When it’s clear you paid attention to the details and went above and beyond, you’re not just handing someone a present, but a huge hug and an “I love you” all in one. It’s the perfect warm, fuzzy ‘two-fer’!
  • Importance – It doesn’t matter if the gift is expensive and extravagant, or just a simple, thoughtful reflection of your adoration, the appearance speaks volumes as to the significance of the person you are gifting. They were important enough to go the extra step for; they matter…a lot. They count.


Think of someone going for a job interview. You can have the most educated, experienced, capable candidate show up, but if they are a rumpled, wrinkled mess, their qualifications may get completely overlooked. Appearance and impressions can make or break any circumstance.   


Granted, for some, all that matters is what’s on the inside – the gift. But for others, like me, it’s the WHOLE package that counts. Yes, you want to give something unique, useful or otherwise perfectly suited for each person, but don’t let the effort that went into finding the perfect gift get undermined by a terrible presentation. Make sure ‘the wrap’ matches your heart and watch the smiles grow!


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2 Responses to Because You Know I’m All About That Wrap

  1. Carrie Daws says:

    I think my wrapping pretty much summarizes my personality. I take the time to wrap neatly, with paper that usually matches the occasion and gender of the receiver . . . And I usually include a ribbon to make it pretty, and a store-bought bow because I can’t make a pretty one myself to save a life. 🙂 But it’s also about my balance of time. Beautiful packages aren’t as dear to me as the gift, so as long as it’s wrapped neatly, it’s good enough.

    (And I’ll gladly do the shopping and show up at your house to let you make them pretty for me!)

    • Sherry says:

      ‘Paper that usually matches the occasion and gender of the receiver…’ – my FAV part of your comment. Actually learning how to make all kinds of bows is a biggie on my list. LOVE creative, love variety and love homemade! Thanks for chiming in Carrie!

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