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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Blue Jeans Christianity

Today, as we prepare for the wedding of our youngest son, we are blessed to bring you a post from fellow author and dear friend, Carrie Daws.  Thanks Carrie!

So I’ve never been a girly girl. I don’t coordinate colors well and can’t name most of them depositphotos_1815457-Old-blue-jeans-texture-with-pocket[1]outside of the preschool box of eight crayons. I almost never paint my nails, I’m rarely caught in heels, and even more rarely in a dress or skirt. My hair looks half-decent because I have a good stylist who faithfully gives me a low-maintenance style and I buy Loreal make-up because they color-coordinate for me and have a picture on the back to guide me.

jeans[1]I’m just a blue-jeans-and-tennies-kinda-girl.

Years ago, I started a ministry called Blue Jeans and Tennies. It was a weekly devotional for busy women and was named in honor of a woman who lived to her last day by the 30 second rule. Even in her last week as she was dying of cancer, she would spend 30 seconds talking about herself, and then turn the focus of the conversation on the person who came to see her. Her closet was full of blue jean overalls.

Time went by, things changed, and God led me to close down Blue Jeans and Tennies. But the heart of what it means to me remains, and it affects my Christian life:

  1. Practical. Blue jeans can be dressed up, dressed down, and fit in most budgets. Christianity, living life in Christ, must also be practical so people can relate and easily see where God is (or needs to be) working.
  2. Durable. Cowboys, ranchers and so many other professionals wear jeans because they are well suited to tough jobs. They fight through the sludge and wash up well time and time again. Similarly, living life in Christ means sometimes fighting through the junk in this fallen world and coming out on the other side with your faith intact. Oh, you may have some battle scars, but you don’t abandon the fight entirely.
  3. More comfortable over time. Someone recently pointed out that the longer you walk with Christ, the easier it is to get excited about trials because it means God is working something out for your good. No one likes hard times any more than I like to go clothes shopping, but when you pull on that favorite pair of jeans, the stiffness is long forgotten over the comfort and reliability.

When you think of your relationship with God, how does it look to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Carrie Daws is the author of Crossing Values, Ryan’s Crossing and Romancing Melody. You can find her at: 

Website: www.CarrieDaws.com

Blog: www.CarrieDaws.com/blog

Twitter: @CarrieDaws

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CarrieDaws


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