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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Book Review – The Power of One Thing

Paralyzed.  Overwhelmed.  Confused.  Stuck.


Sometimes getting started is harder than the journey itself.


Dr. Randy Carlson has a solution.


Do ‘One Thing’.


Choose just ONE THING and do it well. That’s it. That’s all it takes to start.


One Thing.




In The Power of One Thing, How to Intentionally Change Your Life, Dr. Carlson systematically goes through nine different life areas, coaching on how to choose and change that ‘one thing’ that holds you back from living the life God desires for you.  Is it your attitude? Emotions? Words? Decisions? Dr. Carlson will help you find your way.


He even has a chapter titled, ‘The Power of One Thing to Unclutter Your Life’. Hands down our favorite chapter. No shock there!




I think the reason this book resonated so deeply with me is Dr. Carlon’s commitment to get you moving! To encourage you to take action.  Taking action is the heart of Action Plan Ministries, and as we’ve said before, [Tweet ““A good idea will remain only that, just a good idea, unless you put action behind it!””]


I love action. It’s the only effective means to change.


And I love that Dr. Carlson promotes healthy, intentional, positive, life-changing action.


Dr. Carlson says, “Living a better life is easier than you think! Instead of making big resolutions that quickly overwhelm you, The Power of One Thing invites you to begin moving toward change one daily, intentional step at a time. You’ll learn how to figure out which positive change can make the biggest payoff in your life; you’ll get practical tips from those who have already benefited from this plan; and you’ll see how your one thing, lived intentionally over time, will help you to achieve the dreams you’d almost given up on.”




Ready to get started? Check out the resources Dr. Carlson offers by clicking here. 


Start with ‘One Thing’ and find success today!



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