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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Captain Obvious

“She’s SO overweight. Doesn’t she know how unhealthy that is?”

“Smoking is gonna to kill him someday!”

“Did you hear about Bob and his wife? She found out he was sleeping around. I bet they’re headed for divorce; their marriage was never that strong to begin with.”

“Oh my gaaawsh, the Smiths just keep buying and buying and buying. There’s NO way they have the money to afford all that stuff. You just watch…they’ll be filing bankruptcy soon!”

Some people have an overwhelming penchant for stating the obvious; or at least what appears obvious to them. Wet roadThey just can’t seem to help themselves. They’re in everybody’s business, taking notes and narrating to anyone within earshot.


Is it simply because they’re Nosey Nellies?

Maybe sharing others’ misfortunes makes them feel better about themselves?

Perhaps they have a score to even and the negative remarks are payback time?

Whatever the case, simply stating the obvious does no good for anyone.

We’re all guilty. No matter how hard we try, these things slip out from time to time; some more than others though. Unfortunately, ‘yours truly’ included.

When we allow ourselves to be consumed with negative and malicious thoughts and actions, it detracts from the positive energy we could otherwise be exerting.

So I propose a challenge. When these type of thoughts enter your head, ask yourself a few questions BEFORE verbalizing them:

  • Are you sharing the information because you’re legitimately concerned about the person?
  • Are you confiding in someone who can help, or who should be included in the loop?
  • Are you willing to step up and offer assistance, guidance, direction or support?

If the answers to the above are ‘NO’, it might be best to just keep those thoughts in your head.

An important element of our comprehensive decluttering journey includes overcoming our ‘Stinkin Thinkin’. Remember, less is more. Less time spent on the negative leaves more room for the positive. Don’t you want more of the good stuff in your life? The equation is simple…but the implementation far more difficult.

We’re all in this together. Gently remind others when necessary, and accept sincere reproach as well. Stay in the word. Rely on verses that support and encourage you in your weakest areas. Lean on people you can trust to lift you up and hold you accountable. And when something ‘obvious’ catches your attention, consider if you’re being called to help.Captain Incredible

Forget Captain Obvious! How about Captain Incredible?! 

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2 Responses to Captain Obvious

  1. Carrie Daws says:

    Yes! It reminds me of something we like to say at our church — if you aren’t part of the problem OR part of the solution, then stay out of it! Which is actually harder than it sounds, which is why we like to say it often.

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