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Romans 12:2
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Date Night Plates

Date Night PlatesI was planning to prepare a special meal for my wife, as I try to do every so often, when I came across some interesting plates at our local supermarket. I walked right by them and then turned around to take a second look. I said to myself, “Boy, it would be fun to have those plates; not eight of them…not six…just two! I’ll call them our Date Night Plates!”

Every time Sherry and I set aside a special night at home just for us, we break out these favorite plates.

When I think back to the first time we used them, and all the special dinners we’ve had on them since, I’m grateful I grabbed them when I did and that they’re here with us.

Our special plates mean it’s dinner for two just my wife and I – no phones, laptops or TV; just some great music, a favorite drink and the grill fired up.

Date Night Plates with flowers and wine

In our very busy world, I believe that we must set aside time. That’s right folks! Time with each other, time to ask questions and time to listen, one to another. When the plates come out, it’s OUR TIME! We share our hearts, discuss what’s on our minds and take a look at our future. I’ve often thought and considered all that these inexpensive plates have observed and overheard. They know us well, which tells me that Sherry and I are better for the many occasions we’ve spent together over our Date Night Plates.

So, for all the guys out there, and gals too, consider a meal on special plates that you prepare, cook and create. IMG_20130302_164641_384-1-1Plates served with love in your own private space, just you and your wife, face to face, enjoying conversations, delicious meals and sweet love. As the song says, “…Steal a piece of time and make a memory.”

Do you have any special traditions that mean’JUST THE TWO OF US’? We’d love to hear!

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2 Responses to Date Night Plates

  1. Carrie Daws says:

    What a cute idea!! You could also incorporate this into “fun plates” for special times with the kids. Okay, now I want to go buy some plates! (Ummm, who’s cooking?? — Yeah. Everyone in the house just disappeared!) :o)

    • Sherry says:

      Ahhhh….too funny! Having special plates for the kiddos is a great idea too! A one-time, inexpensive investment can provide ongoing date night fun!

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