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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Define, Dissect & Decide!



I don’t have a huge sense of adventure, I’m definitely not a risk taker… and gambling…well, let’s just say, it really ain’t me.


I like things in their place, change isn’t always my favorite (I would probably STILL be using my old brick phone if allowed!) and familiar is verrrrrry comfortable.


While you may not share in these sentiments, there’s one underlying concept here that I’ve found can be universally helpful. Familiar is comfortable. Let me explain…


The unknown is hard to grasp; it can be daunting and intimidating. If you’re an adventure seeker on some wild expedition, this is the heart stopping stuff your dreams are made of. BUT, when you’re trying to solve a problem, tackling the unknown can be completely maddening, not to mention impossible.


Think of how you feel when you don’t understand something or it ‘just doesn’t make sense’. Those are the bang your head against the wall moments (hopefully not literally!), or at the very least, the times when you cycle a situation through your head continuously, so fast and furiously, that you feel like you’re brain is going to explode.


The solution? Get familiar with the problem and you’ll become more comfortable trying to solve it. Make an intentional effort to Define, Dissect and Decide. Declutter your roadblocks! We often get so wrapped up and fixated on the problem itself that we fail to implement the tools in our arsenal which can actually do something about it.


Define the problem – What’s REALLY at the heart of the matter? Remove the fluff…the emotions…the distracting superfluous elements.

Dissect the issue – What are the facts? What is or isn’t within your control? What does God say on the matter?

Make a decision – There’s a time and place to pull the trigger of action. When you’ve arrived at the most positive solution possible, make it happen. Don’t delay, even if it’s simply just the lesser of two evils.


Lindon & I have put together a simple one page problem solving tool we call the ‘Action Plan Template’. It’s a resource available on our ‘Free Gifts’ page by clicking here.


Are you working through an issue now that you need clarity on? Perhaps you’d like help becoming familiar and comfortable with it so you can better manage the situation and solve the problem? Please give our template a try! We pray that it’ll be a blessing to you. Post a comment and let us know how it worked. We always appreciate feedback and insight!

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