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Romans 12:2
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Don’t Declutter Different!

I was thinking the other day that I spend a whole lot of time telling everyone who and what to declutter. And it makes sense. Decluttering is my passion and what I most enjoy speaking about.

Interestingly, though, decluttering is just as much about figuring out what to keep as it is what to get rid of.

And not just what, but who.

How quick are you to pass judgment on the people you meet? Do you give them a fair opportunity before sizing them up or does your initial impression instantly lock in their fate? Are you snide or caustic in your evaluation?

If you tend to lean towards the latter, I’m going to challenge you today to expand your horizons.

We’ve been taught over and over again how important first impressions are, and I have no intentions of undermining that sage advice. It just makes good sense to put our best foot forward. What I’d like to address is the grace we extend when evaluating someone else’s first impression. And perhaps even their second or third one too!

I have developed a fond appreciation for unique character and style. Some of my friends are quiet and some are loud. There are those who dress more conservatively and those who are a bit more flashy and trendy. My friends come in all shapes and sizes, from every different background and financial standing you can imagine, with a wide variation in opinions and approaches.

And this is really appealing. There’s definitely no ‘one size fits all’ friend for me.

I might declutter someone who is mean-spirited, negative, disrespectful or destructive but I refuse to declutter someone simply on the basis of being different. This shortsightedness is harsh and limiting, and in the process, you may overlook more than one shining star.

Isn’t kind, well-intentioned, thoughtful, fun, helpful, energetic, caring, respectful or even just decently human worth a little ‘different’? I suspect God would think so.

Variety is the spice of life, right? It brings color to a black and white world. Flavor to an otherwise similar and familiar palate. Different is not bad. Different may require a careful and intentional category placement (Click here for a crash course in the Category Method!) but it shouldn’t be automatic grounds for dismissal or rejection.

Where are you in this journey? Did this bring new insight to consider? We’d love to hear! 


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