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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Forgiveness is Not an Option

As many of you know, we’re putting the finishing touches on the Study Guide for Declutter Now! Hallelujah! Long overdue and we are most excited to wrap it up.

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As part of our effort, we’ve each been reading different books to review for the ‘Recommended Reading’ chapter in the study guide.

Forgiveness-is-not-an-option[1]I just finished Forgiveness is Not an Option by Anna McCarthy. I chose this book because I thought it would be a wonderful read for someone working through decluttering relationships or enduring challenging emotional hurdles. I wasn’t wrong.

What I didn’t expect, though, is the personal impact I would feel.

You see, I assumed this book would be geared to those who have suffered extensive abuse or tragedy, and it is. But what I failed to realize is that it’s also well suited for someone affected by common offenses and ‘seemingly’ less significant infractions…like me.

And initially, I didn’t clue in on the correlation between a book with the word ‘Forgiveness’ in the title and relationships that are causing me anxiety, despair and pain…and the people I am struggling to forgive. Seriously. I’m a little slow sometimes… I was simply reading this book as a ‘homework assignment’, but God had a different plan in mind.

Like opening up my eyes…and my heart.

The author has done an incredible job aiding the reader to uncover and dissect areas of grief, brokenness and rejection. Without coddling or disabling, she comforts the reader with empathy and insight, yet at the same time, empowers them with tools to heal and move on. Anna demands accountability but does so without harsh condemnation or guilt trips.

She balances the line between understanding and responsibility brilliantly.

Anna was a victim, but she doesn’t possess a victim mentality. forgive_-forget-let-go-800x800[1]I know people who milk a hangnail for more sympathy than Anna asks for in her book. Instead, she strategically guides readers through the steps and processes she’s learned from her experiences. The end result? A book which is chock full of understanding, thought provoking questions, relevant scripture and practical application.

And the common thread woven throughout her book? The repeated gentle nudging to walk in God’s will for your life. Anna encourages through stories, both biblical and personal, to persevere and to uncover God’s purpose and plan.

Anna explains, “Each of us has a story and has experienced hurt in some area of our lives. Whether in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, we have all experienced pain and disappointment. If not dealt with, these wounds begin to impact our everyday life at a crippling rate.”

She’s right. And she offers solutions. Lots of them.

Check out Forgiveness is Not an Option. You might be surprised how much you needed it.

Anna-Headshot-199x300[1]Anna McCarthy is the founder of Voice of One ministries in Shawnee, Kansas. Please look her up at www.voiceofone.net, @Vof1Ministry and www.facebook.com/voiceofoneministry

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