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Romans 12:2
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Gareis Christmas Snapshot

This is going to be a short one folks! There are dishes to prepare, ornaments to paint and stockings to stuff.

Most of us who celebrate Christmas have brilliantly decorated trees in our homes, we gather with friends and family and attend church service…but there is so much wonderful variation in the nuances that make each of our Christmases special. I LOVE Christmas! It’s such a magical time of year – the glowing lights, heart touching moments, hugs & smiles… I love preparing for it, talking about it and immersing myself in every second of it. So indulge me as a share just a bit of what makes Christmas so special for me.

My family and I never miss a Christmas Eve service and look forward to singing all of our favorite Christmas hymns and songs. It sets the stage for keeping Jesus at the heart of all the celebrating that is to come. After service, we often head to our cousins’ home for a night of holiday fun. Yummy pot luck food, kids tearing into presents and a gift exchange game for the adults where there’s bound to be some cut throat ‘stealing action’ going on. It’s ALWAYS great for some belly-aching laughs.

On Christmas morning my entire family gathers in their pajamas. Yup, this includes the adults! Even those who have to drive to the hosting home go in their jammies! The kitchen is crazy with all hands on deck pitching in to make a big breakfast, complete with bagels & lox, herring & gefilte fish. Okay, so not everyone eats the fishy stuff, but it’s a fun shout out to my New York upbringing and Jewish heritage.

Christmas night has become a time to relax with a movie and homemade tamales. (We seem to enjoy quite an eclectic range of food choices!) I always want to make a traditional turkey dinner but never seem to have the energy left! Maybe one of these years…

There are a few other fun things we look forward to. I either buy or make personalized ornaments with names and dates for each of our family memberspresents in the stockings are ALWAYS wrapped because it takes longer to open them…and we take time to pray over all the Christmas cards we receive. We adopted this tradition from a friend that shared it with me a few years ago and it’s become our special way of loving on our friends and family.

This year we’ll probably start some new traditions as we celebrate Christmas with our two precious grandbabies. Eden is 4 ½ months old and Kaiten is just 5 weeks.

One simple but important parting thought. Always remember why we celebrate Christmas to begin with and then honor Christ by enjoying each and every second.

While I’ve written this blog just a couple of days before Christmas, it likely won’t make it to you until Christmas day. Lindon joins me in wishing you and yours the healthiest, happiest and most joyous Christmas possible. We’ll be praying for you on Christmas day, as well as during the entire year to come.

I’d love to hear from you! Paint me a picture of your Christmas snapshot; I’d love a glimpse in. Sharing stories and traditions might help with the Christmas letdown which often occurs after the hoopla subsides!

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