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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Getting Un-Lazy

Getting Un-Lazy    

When the inspiration for this blog hit me, I’m not gonna lie, I rolled my eyes and giggled a just little bit. What a silly post for one of the un-laziest, most energetic people I know – ME!  Actually, for one of the un-laziest couples I know as well. My husband and I are probably busier than we ought to be. We’re the folks who have to intentionally make time to relax, and honestly, likely fall short in this department. People constantly tease us about how we’re always ‘going and doing’, often commenting that they could never keep up our pace.  Most wouldn’t even want to.


Who in the world would believe me or take me seriously? If my coaching and writing is based on personal experience, how could I pull this off? And honestly, why would I want to? There are so many other areas I could speak to with far more conviction and experience.


But the topic kept nagging at me and God wouldn’t let it go. So I listened…and began…


Laziness Defined

Google defines laziness as “the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy; idleness.


Lindon and I are two of the hardest workers around. We run our own real estate business, I’m an office manager for our family’s business, we have Action Plan Ministries, I write, we work on our 4 acre property, and we are often spending time with our grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, helping out whenever we can.


Lazy we are not!


But in trying to uncover the deeper message and meaning, I suppressed preconceived notions and allowed my heart to be open to truth. I discovered:

  • Being busy doesn’t guarantee priorities are in order.
  • Being busy doesn’t equate to effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you still aren’t being lazy…about certain things.


A Better Question

We’ve pretty much established that Lindon and I aren’t ‘lazy’ individuals. Maybe you aren’t either and can relate to our position and defiance, but hear me out.


What if we aren’t asking the right question or addressing the correct issue at hand?


Consider that a better question might be, “Are there areas of importance in our lives where we ARE lazy?


For instance, are there problems we overlook, unpleasant tasks we ignore, and destructive situations we deny? Possibly disciplines that should be in place or healthy choices to be made but they are put on the back burner for more ‘fun’ activities? Areas in our lives where we feel convicted to improve but we remain either in a state of denial or indifference?




Suddenly, this un-lazy couple is faced with the glaringly obvious – we are as lazy as slugs. Our chest-puffing theatrics are now embarrassingly lame and our arrogance revealed. We choose what to keep busy with and intentionally neglect and dismiss that which doesn’t suit our fancy.






Room for improvement?


I’d say so.




Yes, sadly, I believe we are.



More Responsibility Please

No thank you very much!


Taking an inventory and assessing one’s position takes courage and honesty. When you speak something, it makes it more real; tangible. And speaking truth naturally begs responsibility.


And which one of us goes out of our way to solicit for more responsibility?


Okay, rhetorical question I know, but we can’t possibly hope to make a healthy, joy-filled difference until we reveal and challenge procrastination and commit to action.



A List and A Prayer

Every legitimate attempt at change starts with a list. At least in my world it does.


Well, a list and a prayer!

Consider the following and jot down areas within each category that are in need of attention:

  • Physical Space / Items – This includes home, garage, yard, personal stuff, car, etc.
  • Relationships – Consider both those which deserve more time and those which should be given less.
  • Finances – Are you drowning in debt, overspending, careless or maybe too much of a penny-pincher to benefit from the fruits of your hard work?
  • Career – Is satisfaction the name of the game or are there advances / changes to be made, either within your current position or elsewhere?
  • Physical Health – Eating right and exercise are the top considerations here.
  • Children – Are they on track? Are there issues? Are you investing well into their hearts and minds and souls? Are you equipping them with the tools and skills they’ll need to be responsible, Christ-centered, successful, joyful members of society?
  • Emotional Health – Does stress, anxiety, depression or stinkin’ thinkin’ plague your daily existence or are you managing your emotions well?
  • Spiritual Life – Is your relationship with God deep? Solid? Intimate? Do you spend quality time with Him daily? Do you crave his presence? Do you FEEL his presence?


Ironically, the above categories correspond to the eight areas / chapters we address in Declutter Now! Imagine that? Know that they are just springboards, though, to help you consider any area in your life where laziness is holding you back and keeping you in unnecessary bondage. If you need a quick jump-start, take this short, 10 question quiz by clicking here:

The Clutter Quiz


Personally Speaking

I’ve been really pondering the above for the past week or so.  The end of the calendar year has a habit of naturally launching this type of reflection. It has also been, unfortunately, a time where a disproportionate number of friends and friends of friends have become very ill or passed away suddenly. Reality checks like these, while heart wrenching, can surely be used for good.


Don’t waste the pain.


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So I put together my list for getting un-lazy:


  1. As much as I love to hike and exercise, and still do, I’m not doing enough. A second career has not only derailed some of my workout time, but a good deal of my writing time as well.
  2. The convenience and pleasure of eating out has, and continues to be, one of my most favorite treats. Buy it’s also expensive and healthy choices are not always made.
  3. God gave me a Word last month. “You don’t need more friends. You just need to spend more time with the ones you already have.” Point well taken.
  4. 2017 has been a year chock full of relationship challenges. While God has stretched and grown me during this difficult time, there is still more to learn and manage.
  5. There is little doubt that I’m in the best ‘wife shape’ I’ve ever been, but I am aware of some areas that need effort and fine tuning. Aside from my relationship with God, my husband is the most important person in my life and if he isn’t priority, then my priorities are out of order.
  6. Last but not close to being least, our dream is to build a home on our 4 acre parcel of land out of the city. To that end, there is ample opportunity to buckle down financially.


The above makes a nice, tidy to-do list, but I’m not done yet. Those of you who have been following our ministry for any time at all know exactly what I’m going to say next.




And if you want results, YOU need to take action too!




“A good idea remains ONLY THAT, a good idea, unless you put action behind it.” -Sherry Gareis


Yup, I said it, so I have even more obligation to do it!


Use your list to create a plan of action. Be specific. HOW are you going to accomplish each line item? What steps can you take to successfully navigate from where you are to where you want to be?


When you write out your plan, establish check points along the way to monitor your progress and keep you on track. Perhaps enlist the help of an accountability partner? Maybe promise yourself a special treat or reward after you’ve accomplished your goal?


Stop thinking and start doing!


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We’ve created a problem-solving template that will help if you feel stuck. Check it out here:

Action Plan Template



Motivational Snapshot

Where do you want to be a year from now? Where DON’T you want to be?


Thinking ahead to this snapshot is super motivational for me. Why would I want to continue unhealthy habits, suffer from bad choices, or miss out on joy because of inaction?


I don’t! And I suspect you don’t either.


Looking ahead reminds me that if I don’t make changes, no one else will on my behalf.


Remember Google’s definition of laziness? “The quality of being unwilling to work” So this begs the question, “What will it take to be willing?”

What must happen for the benefits of change to overcome procrastination and for                 action to trump fear…or laziness?

What will push you to step over the line of change?



Gettin Un-Lazy

You’ve made your list and created an Action Plan. Your motivational snapshot has you desiring to ditch the same ole’, same ole’ mentality and embrace change. You’ve gathered the knowledge and tools needed and they’re at your disposal. You’ve prayed for guidance and provision. Now it’s up to you my friend. It’s on you and it’s time to get un-lazy.


“If it is to be, it’s up to me” – William H Johnson


Attack your plans with enthusiasm.

Kick bad habits for good.

Release the bondage of guilt, regret and obligation.

Lose weight and delight in newfound confidence, not to mention new clothes!

Rein in out-of-control spending and sleep better at night.

Get the degree and job you’re passionate about.

Have free time to enjoy your decluttered home.

Hold your head up high and smile.


Whatever it is that puts a rumble in your belly, go after it. Conquer it now and reap the benefits forever.


Give yourself the gift of basking in victory.


Life is for the living and you don’t get a moment back. Make each and every one count.


Still need more help? Contact us at lifecoaching@actionplanministries.com. We’d love to hear from you.


Wishing you all a healthy, blessed, and prosperous New Year filled with ACTION and VICTORY!



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