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Romans 12:2
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It’s ALL in the Wrap!

I have an obsession with wrapping paper…and bows…and ribbon. This fixation even extends to name tags and tissue paper. Really.

Some people are obsessed with shoes and purses. Perhaps others with their tools or sports paraphernalia…


There’s nothing more exhilarating and satisfying than wrapping a gift with the prettiest (or ‘handsome-est’) paper, perfectly matched frills and trims and accessorizing with a stellar tag. I LOVE presentation, and when I have time to do it right, it’s better than any therapy I’ve ever known!

But I was thinking about this fascination recently and I wondered WHY? Why do I care and why does it mean so much?

As I pondered the thought, it occurred to me that ‘the wrap’ serves a multitude of goodness. Here are just a few examples how:

Excitement – We all know how important first impressions are. When someone sees a beautiful work of art complete with eye catching colors, shiny ribbons and festive adornments, there’s no doubt the level of anticipation and excitement grows. “Wow, if it looks that good on the outside, must be something VERY special on inside!” Who doesn’t love a little excitement?  

Care – The time and effort you infuse is often a direct reflection of your care, or lack thereof. If you present something sloppy and haphazardly put together, what message do you send? When it’s clear you paid attention to the details and went above and beyond, you’re not just handing someone a present, but a huge hug and “I love you” all in one.

Importance – It doesn’t matter if the gift is expensive and extravagant, or just a simple, thoughtful reflection of your adoration, the appearance speaks volumes as to the significance of the person you are gifting. They were important enough to go the extra step for; they matter…a lot.

Think of someone going for a job interview. You can have the most educated, experienced candidate show up, but if they are a rumpled, wrinkled mess, their qualifications may get overlooked. Appearance and impression can make or break any circumstance.   

For some, all that matters is what’s on the inside – the gift. For others, like me, it’s the WHOLE package that counts. Yes, you want to give something unique, useful or otherwise perfectly suited for each person, but don’t let the effort that went into finding the perfect gift get undermined by a terrible presentation. Make sure ‘the wrap’ matches your heart and watch the smiles grow! 

Agree? Disagree? I would LOVE to hear from you on this topic!

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