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Romans 12:2
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Joy in the Simple Things

Have you encountered those instances when you think, “If the world stopped right this very moment, I would die a content and happy person?” I’m not being morbid or anticipating death or anything like that…but I acknowledge and delight in the precious moments when something so sweet and simple completely steals my breath away. When I have a lump in my throat from feeling overwhelming love, when tears well up from joy indescribable and when life pauses and is momentarily perfect.

Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

Is it that easy? Well….pretty much!

You see God KNOWS how we’re wired; he created us after all. He knows what makes us tick, what excites us, motivates us and touches our hearts. When we bring God our firsts, we leave ourselves open and available to receive God’s gifts and glory, which are tailor made JUST for us!

Think about the times in your life when you didn’t feel ‘right’ with God. How many joyful moments did you experience then? Now reflect what life is like when you’re bringing God your firsts; following his lead and making him a priority. Were the blessings more bountiful then?

The correlation is no coincidence.

When I think over just the past week, I find evidence of God’s provision, grace and love time and time again:

  • Sitting on the back patio, enjoying the morning’s first cup of coffee, listening to the birds chirp
  • Listening to the sweet giggles of our grandbabies, Eden and Kaiten
  • Getting home after work and finding that my husband has our ‘Date Night Plates’ ready to go
  • Receiving a thank you for doing something that was MY joy and blessing to do
  • A hug and ‘I love ya’ from a sweet friend
  • Sharing a belly aching laugh with my husband
  • Being told I made a difference in someone’s life and they are better for it
  • Getting a ‘love note’ from God; hearing the Holy Spirit whisper something extra special

What are the desires of YOUR heart and are you positioning yourself to receive them? What are YOUR moments in time, indelibly etched in your soul, which remind you to thank God for the simple things in life? We’d love to hear about them!







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