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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Lifetime Honeymoon for Sale!

Here are Action Plan Ministries, we are now proud to offer ‘Lifetime Honeymoons’. They come complete with a perfect marriage, problem free life and the guarantee of a happily ever after.


Sound a little silly? Impossible? Far-reaching? Downright ridiculous?



How can we make this assertion?


Introducing our ‘Lifetime Honeymoon’ package, a 12 month ‘post-marital’ coaching program for newly marrieds!


Why have we done this? We both know firsthand the destructive impact of divorce on everyone involved, and frankly, we’re sick of it. We also don’t like watching couples waste time and live miserably for the ‘sake of Christ’. Our contention is that if you are going to GET married and STAY married, it just makes sense to fully embrace it, work smart and make it the BEST marriage you possibly can, especially for Christ’s sake!

But marriage doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and tie the knot. Then reality sets in. Young couples may experience frustration, regret and despondency when they realize how ill-equipped they are to deal with the challenges that wedded bliss can bring.

The newlyweds may turn to their peers, who are often just as inexperienced as they are.

Sometimes parents and siblings are forced to play the part of lay coaches, counselors and mediators. This can lead to fractured relationships between family members when the fight is over, Johnny and Sally are madly in love again, but Mom and Dad haven’t forgotten what mean Johnny did to their little girl. Parents should guide, encourage and nurture but there are healthy boundaries that should be kept on both sides in order to preserve family ties.

The solution? A coaching couple from outside the camp to mentor, answer questions, equip and support the newlyweds for at least the first 12 months of their marriage. The first few months, the couples will meet twice a month and then transition to once a month. The coaches are available in between sessions throughout the year, via email or phone, and three dinner / social events will also be scheduled so the couples can socialize in a more casual and fun environment.

The benefits? They’ll be more prepared and equipped for the unknown that lies ahead. The newlywed couple will have someone they’ve gotten to know and trust to turn to when the going gets tough or when awkward questions need to be asked. They’ll be guided with God’s word and through the life experience the coaching couple brings to the table. And they’ll be expected to work hard on their marriage to lay a strong, Christ-centered foundation with which to build their futures upon.  They will be loved on, cared for and lifted up.


Pre-marital counseling should be mandatory, but we believe post-marital coaching is equally as necessary.


Do you know a young couple preparing for marriage? Send them our way.

Are you a parent or grandparent of a young couple heading to the altar? Forget towels, dishes or even bedroom sets. Get them the gift that keeps on giving and buy them a Lifetime Honeymoon. It’s the only present that will set the couple up for success and help them seize every opportunity to build a strong marriage and secure future.

Not a newlywed but still want a Lifetime Honeymoon? We can help you too!

We coach nationwide and would love to talk to you. Contact us at lifecoaching@actionplanministries.com.



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