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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

NHCC Rocks the Declutter Now! Study

Please take a moment and hear what Mindy LaCasse has to say about the 8 week study NHCC just completed on Declutter Now! If your small group, church or book club is interested in doing the same, please contact us as soon as possible. Pre-publication, the workbook material is being offered at NO COST, along with training and launch support!

Thanks Norm and Mindy for the time, effort and love you put into all you do. We are so grateful you chose Declutter Now! for your most recent study!

From Mindy…

As we came to the end of our in class study of decluttering our lives, our members have become acutely aware that this is only the beginning.  Declutter Now! touched all aspects of life; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  I can honestly say every member of our class has been changed by this study.

We have been drawn closer to each other and closer to God.  We have waded through the physical junk in our homes and our garages and also the emotional baggage of relationships and career.  We are now armed with tools and weapons to finally rid ourselves of every inch of junk in our heads, our hearts, our minds and our faith so that we can free ourselves up to serve God in any way He chooses.

Speaking as a co-leader of this group, I have noticed our members flocked to the “easier” areas to declutter, like the physical.  It’s easy to say “yes, this drawer has too much junk.” It’s easy to clean it out and you see immediate results.  However, there were the more challenging chapters such as relationships.  Even though we know we need to rid ourselves of the toxic people in our lives so we can be healthy, it is never easy to say goodbye to someone.  This was a difficult chapter for some of our members because it brought emotions to the surface.  However, these emotions were talked about in the safety of the group and members were able to lovingly come alongside those struggling to rid themselves of unhealthy relationships.

I would highly recommend this study to anyone looking to clear away clutter and rid themselves of the unnecessary in their lives.  The workbook is an amazing additive to the text, it does not regurgitate the text, however, helps you to explore the various decluttering areas through questions and biblical application. 

Please remember that all the areas of decluttering start with a single step.  We did not accumulate the clutter overnight and will not rid ourselves of it overnight.  Join me in taking the baby steps to live a clutter-free, God-honoring DECLUTTERED life!

Mindy LaCasse, Co-Director of Northern Hills Community Church FRAMEworks Ministry, azketzel.wordpress.com


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