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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

No More Cheesy Resolutions!

2014 is just about here. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Seems like just yesterday people were buying car loads of plastic wrap in fear of the fallout from the clock striking midnight on 12-31-99. Fourteen years later, we’re still ticking, none worse for the wear…at least for the most part!

What can you do to make 2014 your best year yet? Are you tired of the run-of-the-mill advice to begin the New Year with a bang? This just makes me think of fireworks, squeaky horns, loud crowds, people clamoring to get seen on the big screen and Prince’s 1999. Maybe not so bad for an evening party to ring in the New Year, but what about the next 364 days? How many of you have heard over and over again, “Make your resolution now! Change your entire future in 3 easy steps! Start the rest of your life today!” BLEH!

We’re not Negative Nellies, but that approach often ends up being more hype than anything.

We’re just not into it.

But we do understand it certainly sounds more appealing than, “Listen, you’ve got some important decisions to make. You need to weigh and balance your options carefully, work hard, address the difficult, stick with it and be accountable to follow through.” Kind of BLEH too!

No wonder so many people prefer hearing the hype! But in the end, it all just fades ever so quickly with no long lasting results.

What if we had a way to change all that? A step by step effective, productive, satisfying, joy-filled PLAN that will last you for years to come. Would you at least give it a try? Once?

Well, we do, and we’re asking you to join us tomorrow for the launch of our 8 Day Action Plan!

What do you want? Truly desire? Dream of improving? Need to change? Crave? Long to accomplish?

Hold those thoughts…

Here at Action Plan Ministries, we’re all about ACTION, as you might imagine.

As we’ve said over and over again, “A good idea will remain only that, just a good idea, unless you put ACTION behind it!”

But HOW do you do that?

  • How do you get from the good idea to successful results?
  • Where does the motivation come from?
  • How is the PLAN constructed?
  • Does God’s word and desire figure into the journey?
  • What is realistic…and what is just a dream? And is a dream necessarily a bad thing?
  • How do you sustain the effort? Persevere?
  • What determines whether you will find success or failure?

Quite frankly, if you want to get caught up in the same old cycle of great idea…excitement…enthusiastic launch…avoiding hard work…disappointment from minimal results…and falling off the wagon, then read no further. You don’t our help to walk through that type of frustration.

But why put any heart or effort into something destined to bomb? Don’t bother!

Instead, set yourself up for success from the get-go and reap the rewards. If you’re committed to doing things differently and securing long lasting results, then stick with us for the next 8 days. That’s it! We’ve developed a simple 8 Step Action Plan which we believe can make the difference between triumph and defeat.

Who will benefit? EVERYONE!

  • Do you have a challenge or obstacle that you’re ready to overcome?
  • Do you want to try something new?
  • Are you considering a move?
  • Is there an unhealthy relationship weighing you down?
  • Do you have an addiction to beat?
  • Have you sold yourself short and are ready to change direction?
  • Do you desire to go back to school but are unsure how to accomplish it?
  • Are you considering a large purchase?
  • Do you have an important decision to make?

Do ANY of these scenarios apply to you? Is there something else which comes to mind? As you can see, our Action Plan is appropriate for just about any situation screaming for ACTION.

Join us on Facebook each day as we walk you step by step through your very first Action Plan. Tomorrow we’ll start with Step1. Be patient, we’re going to take it slow, carefully dissecting the issue at hand. We believe the more time you invest prior to launching, the better your chance for success. Sure, there’s a time to pull the trigger and run with it, but being prepared first will help ensure your efforts are not in vain.

Additionally, each time you use the Action Plan, you’ll get quicker at working through the steps. 8 days can turn into 8 minutes! You’ll begin to anticipate what is coming next, feel more confident as you work through each step and empower yourself to achieve and accomplish what you otherwise thought hopeless. After a few times, it will be just as natural to successfully work through a problem as it was to just think about it and stall!

Before we begin, think about which challenge you want to conquer. Jot it down at the top of a piece of paper or in a notebook, join us tomorrow by clicking here and be ready to Rock-N-Roll the New Year like never before! You can do this!

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014!

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2 Responses to No More Cheesy Resolutions!

  1. Joanie Bruce says:

    I’m with you, Sherry! I’ll be checking in every day! 🙂

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