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Romans 12:2
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Our Lil’ Game Changers

Our definition of Game Changer – An occurrence, person or other circumstance which radically changes your perspective or course of action.

We’ve got two of ’em. Meet Eden and Kaiten.

Eden is our perfectly precious 14 month old granddaughter and Kai is our super special 11 month old grandson. Both have taken our hearts captive and brought incomparable joy. They have also, unknowingly, become huge game changers for us.

L and KIf you’re already a grandparent, you’ll understand the following sentiment, and if you aren’t, just trust us! There is something so uniquely special about havingS and E grandbabies. Neither of us could have loved our own children more, but we weren’t prepared to feel ‘that way’ and ‘then some’ about our grandbabies. We aren’t saying our grandparent love is ‘greater’ than the love for our own children, but it definitely brings a hard-to-explain, exceptional kind of love to the table.

Perhaps it’s because we are older and wiser and have a greater appreciation for the brevity and fragility of life? Maybe it’s that we don’t move quite as fast as we used to, and since we aren’t the ones raising these little balls of energy, we don’t have to!! 🙂 We can just sit back, relax and enjoy them, soaking in all the giggles, cherishing lots of sloppy wet kisses and ‘ooohing and aaahing’ over every milestone. E and K 1In all fairness, we aren’t the ones exhausted from getting up in the middle of the night and we don’t have to be the disciplinarians. It’s just sheer joy through and through.

But there’s even more.

There’s the whole ‘Game Changing’ part.

Months ago, while out for our evening walk, we were discussing this. Eden and Kai have made such a profound influence in a short period of time, but their reach extends well beyond the simple scope of merely enjoying their presence. They encourage and motivate us to be better people. They prompt us to dig deep and see how we can improve. They make us want to initiate positive change.

How do these two little people manage this?

They inspire us to change the paradigm.

While Eden and Kai are perfect to us, they have been born into an imperfect family filled with imperfect people. And as with almost every family, there is history of strained relationships, major family challenges and divorce. You don’t have to look very far to find instances of anger, jealousy, bitterness, divisiveness, betrayal, greed and maliciousness. These generational sins create a destructive paradigm that, if not curbed, will inevitably affect our grandchildren over and over again. The thought of our family problems tainting their innocence is more than we can bear and we are willing to do whatever we can to prevent it from happening.

KaiEden r,w & bWe believe it’s time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. The past can’t be changed and often times it can’t even be fixed. Rarely will everyone agree on everything.


Maybe we need to stop trying?


No, we aren’t advocating to throw in the towel. Actually, quite the opposite is true.

Let’s draw a line in the sand and declare that ENOUGH is ENOUGH! For the sake of the next generation, regardless of the past, change the paradigm and move forward with a constructive attitude, positive spirit and genuine heart motive, no matter what.

Will it be easy when past hurts creep in or someone you’re not crazy about reminds you just how annoying they can be? Probably not. But choose patience. Choose grace. Choose kindness.  Choose restoration. Choose healing. Choose joy. Choose to unselfishly love your Lil’ Game Changers in a way that will make a positive difference for the rest of their lives.

Think of your own family. Does this hit home?

Eden and Kai are OUR Lil’ Game Changers, but they represent Lil Game Changers everywhere.


S and KWe know this isn’t easy, and we L and Estumble ourselves, but we are wholly committed to giving Eden and Kai our absolute best. We pray we’ll be the kind of mentors and role models they deserve.

Will you commit to do the same?

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2 Responses to Our Lil’ Game Changers

  1. Carrie Daws says:

    Beautifully said! I’ve told others that when I can’t find the motivation to do the right thing for the right reason, I often look to my kids and find the strength to do the right thing.

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