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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

Pretend Like You’re Moving!

Planning to Move? No? That’s okay, pretend like you are anyway!


We’ve been thinking about moving. Actually, a wee bit more than thinking. We’ve been preparing, just in case.


While we still have a few areas of challenge, our home is generally pretty decluttered. No big surprise there, right? And the clutter we still have to work through isn’t large, obvious piles of stuff. We don’t have rooms packed full, closets ready to burst, or drawers unable to close. I’ve got some boxes of pictures to deal with and old videos to convert to DVD’s. That kind of stuff. More time-consuming than space inhibiting.


And still, when we walk our home, discussing and planning our attack for staging it for sale, it is unbelievably eye-opening. When we consider what would stay and what would go, we are surprised at how much we’d rather toss than move.


Perspective is Everything

The eyes of a comfortable, complacent, defeated, overwhelmed, busy, and / or lazy homeowner are VERY different than those of a perspective buyer.


The desires of a hunkered-down, in it for the long-term homeowner are VERY different than those who will have to sort through, box, move, and put away their things.


Perspective is everything.


So today, just a simple call for action. Simple yet profound AND helpful.    

  • Feeling stuck?
  • In denial?
  • Confused?
  • Oblivious?


Change your view!


Take Inventory

Grab a pad and pen and walk your home. Twice.


As you go through each room, closet, and drawer, ask yourself what would you think if you were considering purchasing your home. Step away from yourself and your preconceived notions.  Look at each area with fresh, uninvolved, non-emotional eyes.


And start writing. What needs to go?


On your second tour, consider all of your possessions. Really pick apart your furniture, personal belongings, household items, etc. What do you want? Need? Use? What is really worth wrapping, boxing, moving, and unpacking?


Then write some more.


After The List

Surprised with the list you have? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were! It’s amazing what happens when we change our perspective.


But what to do with it?


Time for Project Management!


Group your list into A, B, and C categories, sorting them by order of priority.


The order each item in each group by necessity and importance. A1, A2, A3…    B1, B2, B3…  and so on…


Where To Start?

With A1 of course!


Look at your calendar and make a date with decluttering. Whether it’s just 30 minutes each evening or half a day on the weekend, plan for whatever will be realistic and doable. And put it on your schedule.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

As you work through each area, ask yourself if you should:

  • Trash it?
  • Donate it?
  • Sell it?
  • Use it?
  • Fix it?
  • Save it?


And act accordingly.

Pretend your moving


Take Away The Mystery

Decluttering has a bad rep. It intimidates, frustrates, and scares people away. And what a shame. Just like a bully who lacks self-confidence, it quickly falls into lock step the minute its challenged.


Challenge your clutter. Don’t allow the mystery of it all to convince you to stay away. Don’t be bullied by your clutter.


* Change your perspective.


* Break your tasks down into organized, reasonable chunks.


* Push yourself to action.


I can’t stress enough how great you’ll feel, emotionally and physically, once you’ve tasted sweet decluttering success. It’s exhilarating, liberating, and oh-so satisfying!


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