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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

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The Danger of Surface Prayers

So what’s the big deal? If God knows my heart, must I allow it to be ripped out of my chest for Him to hear me? Must I cry out in anguish for my prayer to be taken seriously? Or answered? Must I feel pain for pain to be healed? I don’t believe God works that way, but I do believe there’s a good reason to feel…and cry out…and let our guard down.
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No Time to Cry

My heart aches but I hold back the tears. The lump in my throat strangles me and prevents me from speaking. Or swallowing. The pit in my stomach screams of a void that can’t be satiated. Yet I don’t cry. I’m actually afraid to get started. When I cry, it’s all or nothing, and there’s just no time. No time to cry. Continue reading

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Happy Pity Party to Me

My birthday was last Thursday. And I was determined to have a pity party. I had my game face on during morning coffee with my husband, but as soon as I kissed him goodbye for work and shut the door behind him, the tears came quickly. He hadn’t even pulled out of the driveway yet and I was a sobbing mess. I prayed he hadn’t forgotten something in the house. Continue reading

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