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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

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5 Steps to Avoid Yo-Yo Relationships

Have you ever felt like a ping pong ball, reacting to the whims, insinuations, attitudes, and missiles launched in your direction from the people around you? If so, welcome to my world. But I’ve got some great ideas to combat those destructive Yo-Yo relationships. Continue reading

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No Time to Cry

My heart aches but I hold back the tears. The lump in my throat strangles me and prevents me from speaking. Or swallowing. The pit in my stomach screams of a void that can’t be satiated. Yet I don’t cry. I’m actually afraid to get started. When I cry, it’s all or nothing, and there’s just no time. No time to cry. Continue reading

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Managing the Power of Past Hurts

Think about instances where you’ve felt an immediate reaction to a situation. Whether it be anger, distress, sadness, anxiety, or even joy, comfort, or confidence, chances are your body is reacting based on a previous event. But we aren’t to ‘live’ in the past. In fact, God actually speaks against it. So the challenge is how to reconcile our experiences and memories, which will inevitably spring up, with our new life in Christ. Continue reading

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