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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

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Greetings Readers!

Instead of a ‘regular’ post this morning, where I attempt to entertain, inform, amuse, help, and hopefully not annoy too much, I decided I just really wanted to talk to you. To connect. To say hi. Share what’s coming up. And thank you for ALL your love and support. Continue reading

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A Winning One-Two Punch!

Lindon & I recently came across a quote by noted author, speaker and business trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer. He said, “The difference between motivation and inspiration is that motivation must be constantly injected. Inspiration lasts a lifetime.” Boy did we love … Continue reading

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No Flash in the Pan Here!

Have you ever heard a pitch that just pumps you up? It rocks your world and you KNOW you will NEVER, EVER be the same again. Life changing, earth shattering, heart thumping conviction. And then you put the book down, walk away from the speaker, turn the CD off and guess what? Life resumes. Continue reading

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Become a Wave-Maker!

Just because you arent doing anything wrong, doesnt mean youre doing something right. Maybe youre just doing NOTHING at all? It just might be time to make some waves?! Continue reading

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