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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

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Don’t Burn That Candle, You Might Use It Up!

“I don’t want to burn that candle and use it up.” This is definitely one of the most ridiculous thoughts I’ve ever thunk! What good does it do to collect items we appreciate and tuck them away to be forgotten? Or almost worse, remembered but never enjoyed? Continue reading

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Only 30 Days to Live

30 Days to Live. Did I get your attention? What if you were just told that you had only 30 days to live? Talk about instant decluttering! A serious crash course to be sure! I want you to stop and ponder the reality of such a situation. Anything you didn’t care about would be instantly decluttered from your life. People who weren’t worth your time, places you hated going, and things you despised doing… They would all be gone. Immediately. Continue reading

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The Divorce Workout

WHY DO PEOPLE GET IN SHAPE TO GET DIVORCED? Don’t they realize that if they made this effort for their spouse, they likely wouldn’t be in the position they’re in. It’s maddening and I’ve never understood the rationale behind it. After God, aren’t we to worry first and foremost about our spouse? What they think. How they feel. If their needs are being met. Why do some put more time, thought, and energy into preparing for a total stranger than their own husband or wife? Continue reading

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The Horse and The Hotwire

The connotation of boundaries might elicit a negative reaction at first, but consider the consequences of life outside them and you’ll quickly discover the opposite is true. Boundaries actually prevent you from being plagued with heartache, shame, and regret, and this in turn breeds true freedom indeed. Continue reading

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Dyin’ to Live or Livin’ to Die?

Have you noticed people are either eternally optimistic and dying to live, EVEN on bad days, or are Negative Nellies and living to die, EVEN when things are good. Continue reading

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