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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

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What Did Your Thanksgiving Look Like? Surviving Change.

Some days it feels like a boxing match inside my heart and mind, each opponent vying for position. And on holidays, the competition is even more fierce, with two heavyweight champs going head to head. Who will win? Continue reading

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The Blog I Dreaded Writing

The.Babies The.Children The.Precious.Sweet.Little.Ones How do you address something that grieves you so deeply that you can’t even think about it? Well, basically, I don’t. So when unbearable thoughts gurgle to the surface of my emotions, I often push them to the deep recesses of my heart and mind. They are just too painful to embrace. Continue reading

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Bully Me This, Bully Me That

Bullying can take on many forms. Some of you have been bullied so mercilessly that you are exhausted and battered from the abuse, and others have been attacked in such a stealth manner that you may not have even recognized it as such, but are suffering from the hurtful consequences. Continue reading

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