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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

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Why Should I Care About The Orlando Shooting? Decluttering Apathy

When a mass shooting happens, I’m horrified and reminded of evil, but then I go right back to my regularly scheduled life. How and why to declutter apathy. Continue reading

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Good Catch God!

The other day as I was getting ready for work, my glasses fell off the bathroom counter. In a manner exhibiting extraordinary ‘catlike reflexes’, as my youngest son would say, I managed to swoop down and grab them just before they hit the tile floor. “Good catch God!” I immediately exclaimed. Why is this a big deal? Click here to find out! Continue reading

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The Little Pink Cooler

We made a rule up long ago… You should never declutter for someone else, and no one should declutter for you. Ever. Sound easy? Well, not so much! It’s actually a lot harder than it seems! Continue reading

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Something Missin? Might be the Kissin!

‘Toads get no kissin! Toads get no lovin!’ What?? Why kissin is important for a joy filled marriage – from a guy’s point of view! Continue reading

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Love & Respect Book Review

It took over a year, but Lindon and I finally finished Love & Respect. You might wonder why in the world it took us so long? Well, we read it out loud…together. HUH? WHAT?
We’re laughing as we imagine the confusion you might be experiencing right now.
Yes, that’s right, we choose certain books to read together, from start to finish. Out loud. With each other. Continue reading

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Chinese Food Over Family

Day in and day out we make choices that send clear messages to our family. Are the messages you send filled with love and respect or are they conveying feelings of contempt, disinterest or unimportance? Continue reading

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Front Row Seat to Adultery

Dont you hate it when by no fault of your own, youre in the middle of something you never sought out nor asked for? It ‘found’ you and all of a sudden you’re involved, like it or not. Talk about grounds for a blowout pity party. Continue reading

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