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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

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Something Missin? Might be the Kissin!

‘Toads get no kissin! Toads get no lovin!’ What?? Why kissin is important for a joy filled marriage – from a guy’s point of view! Continue reading

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Love & Respect Book Review

It took over a year, but Lindon and I finally finished Love & Respect. You might wonder why in the world it took us so long? Well, we read it out loud…together. HUH? WHAT?
We’re laughing as we imagine the confusion you might be experiencing right now.
Yes, that’s right, we choose certain books to read together, from start to finish. Out loud. With each other. Continue reading

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The 30 Day Face-Off

Are you interested in reconnecting with your spouse or rekindling that lost spark? Maybe you’d just like a little extra ‘ooomph’? Even the best relationships can use a boost or recharge. Here are four ‘Love Boosters’ to practice EVERY DAY … Continue reading

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Front Row Seat to Adultery

Dont you hate it when by no fault of your own, youre in the middle of something you never sought out nor asked for? It ‘found’ you and all of a sudden you’re involved, like it or not. Talk about grounds for a blowout pity party. Continue reading

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You Say ‘I Do’ and Then ‘You Are’

It’s the strangest thing….one minute you’re single, and the next, after speaking two simple words, you are bound to another individual for the rest of your life. Am I the only one who finds this just a bit bizarre? You … Continue reading

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