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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

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When Did Hard-Workin’ Become Hand-Holdin’?

The entitlement generation which began a few years back has produced a people group who are easily offended, who want it all NOW, and who require constant affirmation. And lest you think this is limited to the twenty somethings, think again. This infection is now widespread among all generations. Continue reading

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Getting Un-Lazy

I’m the busiest, most energetic person I know, so why in the world would I need to work on getting un-lazy? I found there’s much more to life than just being busy. Continue reading

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The Best Ice Cream Cone I Ever Had!

Sometimes the reward is sweeter when you have to work a little harder for it. In this post, I share a story from my single parenting days when treats were few and far in between. Continue reading

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