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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation

The Clutter Shuffle

It’s funny how many requests I get for organizational tips and resources. Not that I don’t have some great ideas and tricks up my sleeve, and I truly do enjoy organizing – a lot, but it isn’t the heart of what Declutter Now! is all about.

Decluttering involves REMOVING the harmful, destructive, wasteful and excess we surround ourselves with. These are the things that can hold us back from experiencing the true joy that God desires for us. And understand, it isn’t simply physical things I’m referring to, but this also applies to relationships, finances, careers, physical and mental health – and even our spiritual life.

Think about each of these areas and reflect on what you feel obligated to, guilted by and overwhelmed with. This is the stuff that screams of decluttering loud and clear.

What happens if you don’t declutter before you try to organize? The Clutter Shuffle happens! This equates to going through the same cycles over and over again, and of course, getting the same, unwanted results.


Remember, this doesn’t just apply to physical things, but to all the other areas in your life as well. How counterproductive is it to just ‘move your clutter around’? What a drain of time and energy! What a waste!

 What does the ‘Clutter Shuffle’ look like in real life?

  • Moving a box of junk you don’t feel like sorting through from the hall closet, to the garage and then up to the attic.
  • Complaining about the friend who ALWAYS gets on your last nerve and then, after not addressing any issues, setting up yet another coffee date, only to be frustrated again.
  • Desiring to change your career path, researching what it would take to make the change but then succumbing to the path of least resistance by staying in your current job or finding another in exactly the same line of work.
  • Feeling despondent every morning when you step on the scale. Vowing to start fresh that day, eat healthy, exercise consistently, only to never carry your plan past lunchtime and then endure the same despair the following morning.
  • Beating yourself up mentally, having a friend build you up with a pep talk, but then sinking back into the pattern of self-abuse as soon as your friend is out of your earshot.

In each of these cases, can you pinpoint what must be decluttered in order to get your life ‘organized’? In hindsight, or from the outside looking in, the realization is often easier.

Our prayer through Declutter Now! is to make you aware of what must be decluttered so you can proactively deal with it and free yourself to move to the next step – ORGANIZING what’s left…and adding positive elements to the mix when needed.

So, yes, I can talk to you about effective storage solutions, spending time with people who add value to your life, being prepared for a career change, a disciplined workout regime and the power of positive thinking BUT these will be wholly ineffective if you aren’t ready physically, mentally and spiritually.

You must declutter FIRST!

Lindon and I are decluttering experts and can walk you through every step of the way. With Declutter Now!, you’ll not only learn how to declutter eight different areas of your life we specifically speak to, but you’ll also develop decluttering methods and habits so you can apply the decluttering concept to other challenges you’re facing that we may not have directly addressed.

Join us for the 40 Day Declutter Now! Challenge, beginning on Monday, January 28th. Find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/declutternow , ‘LIKE’ our page and then look for the daily prompts to read or watch the challenge.

We look forward to having you join us!

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