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Romans 12:2
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The Next Big Thing

Last week, author Carrie Daws blogged about her “Next Big Thing”. She shared our blog site with her readers as well, and invited us to do the same. While our next project might not come as a huge surprise to our readers, primarily because it’s announced in the back of our book Declutter Now!, it’s exciting nonetheless! Here’s an overview of what we’ve got going on.

Our current project: The workbook for Declutter Now! Uncovering the Hidden Joy & Freedom in your Life.

Where did the idea come from: While using our small group as guinea pigs for our Declutter Now! material, it became instantly clear that this book would be ideal for not only individual reading and study, but small groups and bible studies as well. After signing with our publisher, Ambassador International, they also recommended we consider writing an accompanying workbook. That was confirmation enough!

Genre: As with Declutter Now!, this is an Inspirational / Self-Help book.

How is the workbook organized: There will be a section for each of the eight chapters in Declutter Now! Unlike other workbook studies we’ve seen, there will be less redundancy of information from the book and more opportunity to focus on utilizing the material by answering questions and participating in discussions. We feel this is the heart of any group or study.

Do I need to have read the book, Declutter Now!, to work through the workbook: Yes and No. Since we’ve designed the workbook to reduce repetition, it will be more concise and pointed with regard to the ‘working’ aspect of the book. That being said, you could certainly answer many of the questions without having read Declutter Now!, but the workbook is designed to be completed in conjunction with the book and your experience will be more enriching if you approach it in this manner.

What does each section look like: Each section will have a:

  • Key Question – An icebreaker to start the section.
  • Snapshot – A very brief overview of the chapter from the book.
  • Discussion – Questions, including those more ‘surface’ and some that require additional depth and thought. If leading a group, you’ll be able to customize and choose which are most appropriate for your members.
  • Application – What can you do to bring the lesson to your daily life? Practical Application!
  • Memory Verses – Verses to memorize and meditate on to remind you of God’s word on the lesson.

How is it different than other studies: Just as with Declutter Now!, the workbook will be comprehensive, covering eight areas of your life, not just one or two. We start with the physical decluttering, but then move onto relationships, finances, careers, physical health, kids, emotional well-being and spiritual decluttering. Yup, even our spiritual lives need to be decluttered from time to time!

What can you expect: There is something for everyone – really. Since the material is so broad, there are bound to be nuggets of truth that speak to each person and eye-opening ‘ah-ha’ moments! Sometimes we ‘know’ something but fail to recognize it or act upon it. Our questions are designed to not only get you thinking, but to encourage ACTION!

When will it be released: We’re on track for Spring 2013.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress and we pray that you’ll not only consider the workbook for yourself, but perhaps as a teaching tool for any church or organization you are involved in that may benefit from such a program of study.

So Carrie, thanks for including us on “The Next Big Thing” blog fun. Readers, you can check out Carrie’s site at http://carriedaws.com/.

And check out another great author, Scott Bitely, who also has a work in progress at http://scottbitely.com. Scott will be blogging about his “Next Big Thing” next week.

Thanks so much for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!

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