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Romans 12:2
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This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Book Club!

Have you ever considered joining, or even starting a book club? 

What exactly IS a Book Club anyway? It’s a group of friends who get together to discuss a book that everyone is reading at the same time. How you organize and implement your club is entirely up to you. You can meet several times during the book or just once at the end. Have fun with decorative themes and yummy food or keep it a simple time of discussion. The choice is yours! Here are some great ideas from Alison Storm, Ambassador International:



confusing conversationHave you ever been in the middle of a great book and felt inclined to share it with anyone and everyone you came in contact with? When you did, you may have gotten head nods of understanding and exclamations of interest. The truth is, however, if they KNEW what you were talking about, if they were just as excited as you about the book, it would be so much more fun and meaningful to discuss it with them.


A BOOK CLUB bridges the gap between aloneness and camaraderie!book club


And if THAT wasn’t reason enough, Ambassador International just launched their ‘Invite an Author’ program. Choose a book, both fiction and non-fiction available, from a list of selected authors (Lindon and I included!) and Ambassador will coordinate an appointment for the author to join your Book Club via phone or Skype for free! Can you imagine how interesting it would be to ask an author about their writing, inspiration, book characters, thoughts, etc.? Ambassador is also offering bookplates to download for all your club members!  http://ambassador-international.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bookclub_bookplate-1.pdf


Check out all the information about ‘Invite an Author’ at http://ambassador-international.com/about/bookclub/


wristband - croppedAs an EXTRA ADDED BONUS – if you choose Declutter Now! for a book study, Lindon and I will provide the workbook material for study groups that we’re just finishing up absolutely FREE of CHARGE – AS WELL AS a Declutter Now! wristband for every club member to remind them to declutter along the way!

There’s no time like the present, so get started today! You’ll have a blast!  


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