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Romans 12:2
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What Did Your Thanksgiving Look Like? Surviving Change.

The Times They Are A Changin’….


If I’ve learned anything these past few years, I would say that traditional is no longer tradition. Change has found its way into my life. At times, he is an unwelcome visitor, invading my space with breath that reeks of filth and disgust and absolute heartache. Other changes bring joy and soothe my soul. My body soaks them up like sunshine beaming down on a warm summer’s day, every cell craving more and crying out in utter gratefulness.


Some days it feels like a boxing match inside my heart and mind, each opponent vying for position. And on holidays, the competition is even more fierce, with two heavyweight champs going head to head.





When I forget that the answer to this is up to me, it’s brutal. Exhausting. Sad. But when the good Lord gently reminds me to trust in Him, that He will ALWAYS provide and care for me, and that in the end, it will ALWAYS end up okay, I can breathe. And relax. And enjoy.


As I looked around the room yesterday, I was struck by the comprehensive and cumulative effect of change. There were moments when I felt sucker-punched with grief, others, sheer guilt for having such a darn great time. Broken relationships haunt and there is the ever-present sting of those I miss.


But regardless, feeling joy is no reason to feel guilt! Such a difficult concept to grasp, but one we must master if we are to live out God’s call on our lives.



Allow The ‘Good Guy’ to Win!


Allow the ‘good guy’ to win! Feed HIM the proteins and vitamins and minerals. Give HIM the pep talk. Be captive to HIS energy.


Don’t give the bad guy ANY SPACE in your head.



No Gambling Here


Remember, this is not about luck or chance. WE decide how this inner struggle and match ends. We may not have control over all the circumstances or changes in our lives, but we sure have the ability to dictate how we answer them.


Yesterday, about the only thing traditional was the food. Oh, the yummy food! Turkey, stuffing, whipped sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. It was endless and it was good. But we celebrated in our little cabin with new faces. Family we love. The festivities included singing, dancing, tractor riding, bow shooting and a camp fire.


There was change. And in the middle of all the fun, there were moments of heartache and despair, but praise be to God, the good guy was victorious. And as he stood in the center of the ring, holding his championship belt high above his head, I was able to smile.


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