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Romans 12:2
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When One Size Fits All Actually Fits!

I’m a sucker for anything tailored, personalized, or homemade. I love the message it sends when you give such an item as a gift, and I feel so very loved when I receive gifts made especially for me.


I’ve hand painted plaster and ceramic wall décor and ornaments, ‘stamped-up cards’, and decorated clothing. I’ve also ordered embroidered baby blankets and monogrammed towels, as well as unique jewelry with initials and names.



Lindon and I bought our granddaughters these adorable hooded towels. Each one has a design on the hood with their name.

Trent with the girls, Sept 2015 - towels

Aren’t they are just too cute for words? And the towels aren’t so bad either!


Honestly, I just can’t get enough of this kind of stuff and I’m always looking for new and unique presents and finds.


It’s just a feel-good feeling.


So it would stand to reason that a One Size Fits All approach isn’t generally my first choice. I’m not implying there aren’t many lovely things that land in this category, or that I have a serious aversion to such items, I’m simply suggesting that the title alone doesn’t often evoke giddy excitement or enthusiasm. C’mon, when you read a tag that says, “One Size Fits All,” or even worse, “One Size Fits Most,” don’t you just roll your eyes in dismay? Or sigh, even just a little bit? It’s just so generic. And often untrue.


If you’re anything like me, you get this.


And if that’s the case, then prepare to have your world rocked.


I’ve recently uncovered a liberating truth. One Size Fits All doesn’t have to be Boring. Generic. Ill-fitting. Hideous. or Blah. In fact, if done well, it can be surprisingly Exciting. Individual. Customized. and Beautiful.


Are you ready for this? The most incredible One Size Fits All item in the history of ever has been right under my nose for years and I didn’t even realize it. Or appreciate it in this particular light.


It’s the Holy Bible.  The God-breathed, awe-inspiring word of God.


But do you want to know the most remarkable truth of all? While the Bible boasts an impressive One Size Fits All track record, God created the Bible in such a way that it also speaks individually to everyone reading it.


The Bible meets the needs of each person right where they are and continues to evolve with readers as situations, feelings, and needs necessitate.


How does God do this?


While the words don’t change, the Holy Spirit uses scripture as one way of speaking to our hearts. Have you ever read a verse and found it to be perfectly fitting for the circumstance you were in? Yet months or years later, you read the same verse again and are touched with a completely different perspective or depth of understanding. That’s the power of God’s Word.


It’s like a One Size Fits All on steroids!


Fun Bible Facts*:

  • The Bible was written over a 1,500 year period by approximately 40 different men and contains over 800,000 words, yet is an extremely cohesive and unified book.
  • The Bible has been translated in over 1,200 languages.
  • There are 66 books in the Bible – 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament.
  • Moses wrote the most books in the Old Testament (5), and the Apostle Paul wrote the most in the New (14).
  • There are more than 2,000 verses with fulfilled prophecy. Some say it’s as high as 3,200.
  • The Bible is the best-selling non-fiction book of all time. Consequently, it’s also the most shoplifted book.
  • The shortest verse in the New Testament is John 11:35, “Jesus wept.”
  • Interestingly, the book of Revelation is the youngest book of the New Testament, written about 95 A.D.
  • There are NO contradictions in the Bible. Not a one.
  • The last word in the Bible is “Amen.”
  •  “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17


With so much truth and knowledge packed into one book, it would be easy to say, “There’s something for everyone.” However, it would be more accurate to say, “EVERY WORD is for EVERY ONE.”

One Size Fits All


My husband knew a pastor who started every counseling session asking the same question, “Which part of the Bible are you not going to obey?” What an effective way to encourage ownership and discourage excuses.

One Size Fits All


“And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Acts 2:21

One Size Fits All


If you haven’t tried the Bible on for size lately, might I suggest a fitting is long overdue? And if you have, perhaps you’re awareness will be heightened. We can’t pick and choose the parts we like or that work for us, yet we are called to recognize each and every word as Divine Truth. Each word is meant just for us. Each word speaks truth and love.


Never look at One Size Fits All the same way again. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Get excited about it. And most of all, thank God for it.


* www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com

* www.bibleresources.org

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